Navagraha yantra

Navagraha yantra

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Avercart Shree Sampurna Navgraha Yantram / Navagraha Yantra / Nine Planet Yantra / Blessed and Energized Divine Shield Poster 6×6 inch (with frame)



Navgrah means the 9 Planets and Vignahar means �the one who defeats the vigna or bad deeds�. The VignaharNavgrahYantra helps the worshipper in getting rid of the negativities that are attached with the person due to deeds in the past. The Yantra helps the person to dilute the negativities of the past birth and also in balancing the irregularities in the planet formation of the horoscope in this life. Many a times we are not able to progress in life even though we try very hard but because one or two planets in our horoscope are not aligned as they should be they cause a very negative effect on our lives and we face difficulties almost everywhere. The VignaharNavgrahYantra when worshipped helps the worshipper in bringing the planetary effect back to normal this preserving a smooth as well as a happy future.



  • Effects : Helps in negating the errors in your planetary placement by blessing with the powers of Navgrah (The Nine Planets)
  • Balances the effect of the nine planets in your life hence helping to live a smooth and purposeful life.


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